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What They're Saying: Mental Health Agencies

Today's children and adolescents are tomorrow's opinion leaders and decision makers. In Alabama, we recognize the value of educating these young people using accurate, scientific information regarding the facts about mental illness. We found the 'Breaking the Silence' curricula to be up-to-date, science-based teaching tools, which provide age-appropriate information in a manner that will motivate kids to learn and to understand mental illnesses as biological brain disorders no different from other physical illnesses. We salute NAMI Queens/Nassau for their outstanding efforts and for taking the initiative to develop such quality educational materials.
~ Melanie Beasley, Director of Public Information and Community Relations, Alabama Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation


I believe that the "Breaking the Silence" curriculum has the potential for enormous positive impact on the way persons with mental illness are regarded and treated. This material addresses stigma head-on as a problem in human relationships. Broadscale dissemination of BTS throughout the State and Nation merits the support of public officials and community leaders. It is an indispensible component in any school's good citizenship/anti-violence tool kit. The School Mental Health Alliance has been honored to work with NAMI to bring this program to local schools.
~ Rose Starr, DSW, Director of Policy and Research, School Mental Health Alliance, North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System


Breaking the Silence is fundamental to NAMI Tennessee. It is our primary tool to increase knowledge and reduce stigma. We are hoping to be able to bring this program to every Tennessee school. We believe it will greatly improve the ability to recognize and appropriately respond to the mental health needs of children at school.
~ Roger Stewart, Director of Education, NAMI Tennessee


Breaking The Silence: Teaching the Next Generation about Mental Illness
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